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Guillaume Bouisset 

For a long time, dealing with the invisible was the exclusive domain of priests and shamans, before they ceded this privilege to artists. Guillaume Bouisset summons this double heritage in a quest that he is neither the first nor the last to carry out, because it is essential: to give form to the beyond of the phenomenological, to represent what is behind what we perceive. . First through painting, when he was at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, with hypnotic representations of natural motifs (clouds, leaves, etc.), then, after an exchange in Brazil (2017) during which he produced a frontispiece for the Kaxinawa Indians innervated by shamanic thought, with more complex installations, summoning sacred architecture, that of temples or altars. An aesthetic of the threshold between two worlds, the tangible and the beyond, and their correspondences, where man is often represented in his impossible measure to the absolute. Guillaume Bouisset's work is thus articulated around recurring motifs: the mask, as a border between these two worlds, or the eye, as a symbol of this thirst for the absolute prevented by the limits of our senses. More than our two eyes, Guillaume Bouisset summons the third, and reconsiders the old dualisms of Western thought, those which have cut man off from the world, the subject against the object, being against nothingness, the singular against the universal, man against nature.

Clement Thibault



2003-2007 AKI/ArtEZ Enschede ( bachelor in fine art)
2001-2002 Academie Minerva, Groningen 


Expositions Personnelles 

2020  Gray contemporary Houston “Unsustainable” USA 

2020  Gray contemporary Houston “Twenty one” a one day solo USA

2018  Kunst centrum Hengelo “In Studio”

2017 Gray contemporary “ transience)Houston USA 

2014 “the Gallery” bedrijfs technologisch centrum Enschede NL (UT) 

2013  Bornse synagoge "stille groei" NL 

Invitations et curations 

2016 Adviescommissie/bestuurs-functie, heartgallery Hengelo Overijssel
2015 Curator, SarT Enschede, Performance factory, groeps-tentoonstelling “tentoonstelling”
2013 Curator, AIR Kolderveen artist in residence“multiple artist in residence”.

Expositions Collectives  

2021  Concordia Enschede “artists in the world” NL

2021  ACEC Apeldoorn & Kunstgemaal Brockhorst “ Hoe = het nu 2021 NL

2021  Stephane Simoens contemporary fine art Knokke Belgie

2021  Jan van Hoof Galerie 's-hertogenbosch “Tweedonker” met Hieke Luik en Remco Dikken NL 

2020 P60 Assen “geen titel” NL

2020  Stephane Simoens contemporary fine art Knokke “Great Small Works” Belgie

2019  Waterstaatskerk Hengelo NL 

2019  Jacko Brinkman presenteert “tentoonstelling” Amsterdam met Hinke Schreuders en Remco Dikken NL

2019  Gray contemporary Houston USA

2018  Gray contemporary Houston USA 

2018  De Ketelfactory Schiedam “the eye is the Centre/ Magnify Me” NL

2017  Gray Contemporary “Combined” Houston USA

2016  TAC Eindhoven “DARK MATTERS” 20 november t/m 18 december 2016 NL 

2016  Concordia Enschede "MATERIAL MATTERS" 11 juni t/m 14 augustus 2016 NL 

2016  Cloud Gallery Amsterdam, "Art for Refugees", NL 

2015  Rijks museum Twenthe NL 
2015  TETEM Enschede “Art Overijssel” NL 
2015  SarT Enschede Performance factory “tentoonstelling” NL 

2014  Oranjerie Landgoed Twickel “met andere ogen” NL 
2014  Waterschapshuis Coevorden NL 
2013  AiR KiK Kolderveen (multiple artist in residence curated by me and Remco Dikken) NL 

2013  Schau fenster Berlijn Duitsland"schau fenster schau" D 
2013  Indigo hof 88 Almelo NL

2012  Young and Refined, Gallery de Compagnie, Dordrecht, NL

2011  AkkuH, Hengelo, NL
2011  Kunstingang, “made in silence Ter Apelkanaal NL 

2010  Kunststichting de Werkplaats Borne NL
2010  Dynamo Expo, Enschede NL 

2009  Kunstenlab, Deventer NL 

2008  Creatieve Fabriek, Hengelo “ROUM”
2008  Ateliers 93, Hengelo “Artloop NL  

2007  Final Exhibition, AKI/ArtEZ Academy of Fine Art, Enschede NL (g)
2007  Gallery de Compagnie, Dordrecht, “On The Threshold” NL (g)


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