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Guillaume Moschini 

Artist born in 1970, lives and works in Nîmes. 

Guillaume Moschini's painting is unique in that it approaches volume through flat tints. Colored traces unfold on large cotton canvases and on blocks of raw paper, covering their entire surface or almost. They intersect, sometimes collide, producing the illusion of a movement introduced into the static object. Here a block stands out, there another pitches, on the point of unhooking itself from the board. This tension causes the tasty impression that behind the suspended symmetry of the colored forms, there is an open horizon, a disorder in the apparent order. However, the subject is nothing other than colour, alternately organic and mineral, it reigns supreme over the forms – reduced to simple flat tints. Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Nîmes where he followed the notable teaching of Claude Viallat, Guillaume Moschini inscribes his work in the filiation of artistic currents from different horizons, such as minimalism, abstract expressionism or the Supports movement /Surfaces. If these multiple heritages are immediately called upon, it is to situate the importance he gives to painting as an autonomous object. She represents nothing but herself.

Guillaume Moschini has this desire to capture the expression of “pure color”. That of capturing the internal strength of pigments, with a single watchword: painting paint. Freed from any objective context, it leaves the viewer free to project their intuitions onto it. It does not illustrate nature, but can evoke the oscillations of the rock, the possible mutations of the mineral, its slow growth and decay. To succeed in producing this effect, the artist uses notions specific to the field of music: repetition, rhythm and vibration. In each series, he declines with a barely utterable gesture forms and primary colors, showing the successive balance of their hues and their depths. Don't we say that painting vibrates, that it reveals the invisible? If we give in to this idea, all of his work reveals the internal trembling of color. She looks at herself and listens to herself like a muffled ballet of mineral colors.


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