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Louise Rocard 

Artist born in 1993, lives and works in Paris. 

To the traditional perception of bodies, Louise Rocard opposes a resistance. She stages her own to question gender identity and imagine its possible mutations.
The character she embodies in the series of photographs The girl who fell to earth (2020) has everything extraterrestrial. In the middle of the abandoned territories of a sand quarry, she falls, crawls, sometimes floats. She is alone – or almost, because the performance is produced under the knowing eye of photographer and cinematographer Gordon Spooner. The work is a barely concealed homage to Thomas Jerome Newton, an androgynous humanoid fallen from the sky played by David Bowie in the film "The man who fell to earth" (1975) by Nicolas Roeg. It is also, perhaps, a nod to the Ovidian account of the fall of Icarus, questioning the limits of the body constantly brought back to the laws of physics. All in all, it sounds like a test

of the body in the wild space. And asks the following question: does the body forge our identity? Without having the ambition to give a definitive answer, Louise Rocard draws the contours of a troubled identity, less human than animal, more arachnid than woman.
So much so that it is sometimes difficult for us to distinguish where the body stops and where the rock begins. The artist is dressed in a zentai, a skin-tight jumpsuit covering her entire body, a costume traditionally used in Japan to "neutralize" the personality of the person who wears it. The result is crying out for bestiality: if the costume aims to abolish the structuring glances of the other on oneself, it produces here the effect of a creature which gives itself to be seen without being quite seen, which blends almost among dunes and rocks. Louise Rocard draws as much from dystopian tales as from exobiology and astrophysics, disciplines which she rubs shoulders with as an autodidact in contact with many scientists. The landscapes of the series refer with confusing clarity to those of Mars, which she speaks of as “our most dystopian future possible”. However, far from giving in to the imagination of a hostile and inert planet, the artist reminds us that his lands are home to varied territories, made up of peaks, craters, valleys and mountains. His work makes the alliance between the body, this entity from here, straddling nature and culture, and the rocky earth of an elsewhere.

META AVATAR II — 00’01” — vidéo 3D, boucle de 00’48’’ — 2022

Oeuvre vidéo présentée lors de l'exposition Native Vol.III Espace



2011-2013  Diplôme de technicien supérieur en Design Textile à l'école d'art Duperre
2014-2021 Études aux Beaux Arts de Paris

2019 Diplôme DNAP aux Beaux Arts de Paris


2021  Groupe show « Native » Exposition « Minérale » Galerie Faure-Beaulieu et Galerie Guido Romero Pierini 2021 Exposition de DNSAP aux Beaux Arts de Paris
2021 Exposition de groupe « VITALEAK » Atelier Julien Sirjacq
2021 Performance « Spettro Verde » avec l’artiste sonore Froe Char au Point Ephémère

2020 Résidence de travail au Point Ephémère

2019 Performance " The Circle " pour l'artiste Mélanie Villemot et Alto Clark au Studio " All the best ". 2019 Performance dansée " Apollo Woman " au Silence Club avec l'artiste Sarah Montet.

2018 Fanzine " Astro-Ciel " édition au studio Carbon 17 Aubervilliers
2018 Exposition Galerie Beaux Arts de Paris avec Michael Van Den Abeele Studio
2018 Performance dansante " The Stranger Things is dancing " à la galerie rue des cascade LA GAD.

2017 Solo show " Le Rayon Vert " à la galerie Annette Huster
2017 Performance " 15 minutes " pour " La Nuit des Musée " au Musée Macval.
2017 Exposition " LOOKBOOK " avec l'artiste Mylan Hoang Thuy au Tosani Studio.
2017 Spectacle " Entre chien et loup " avec la danseuse Barbara Tourtier Bellosta.
2017 Défilé de mode " Nouvelle Collection Paris ".
2017 Exposition Nouvelle Collection Paris x Do Disturb au Palais de Tokyo.
2017 Exposition " BURKI WORKS " Galerie des Beaux Arts de Paris avec Willem Oorebeek Studio

2016 Atelier dans une école maternelle à Paris
2016 Installation pour " Nuit Blanche " à l'école maternelle Arc-ciel Paris
2016 Exposition " SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT" Galerie des Beaux Arts de Paris avec Jean-Luc Vilmouth Studio
2016 Exposition " GOOD LUCK " Galerie des Beaux Arts de Paris avec Jean-Luc Vilmouth Studio.
2016 Exposition " LOST LAST » à la Galerie Joseph Braque avec les artistes Tao Mao et Nathanel Herbellin

2015 Exposition Galerie des Beaux Arts de Paris avec Elsa Cayo Studio
2015 Exposition " PANIC ROOM " Galerie Beaux Arts de Paris avec Jean-Luc Vilmouth Studio -Atelier performance " Le rêve " avec Jean-Luc Vilmouth Studio

2014   exposition collective, " SCREEN " à la Galerie Annette Huster Paris

Oeuvres présentées lors de l'exposition Native Vol.I Mineral

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