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Native Vol.I MINERAL

Les parois du monde

20.11 - 18.12.21
236 r. Saint Martin, 
Paris 3


The walls of the world

First chapter of the NATIVE cycle, the MINERAL exhibition is designed as a story, that of the invisible language of the mineral kingdom. It is not a question of freezing its forms, but of recounting the mutations of its material. While minerals are often associated with the underground realm and considered inorganic, all kinds of fluids flow through their bodies. In a logic of revealing their immanent force, ten artists work around the imaginations they produce. They paint them, draw them, sculpt them and dance them. Where some borrow its sinuous forms from nature, others dream of impossible curves. Earths, ochres and iron oxides, privileged vocabulary of their repertoire, are as many skin tones that translate the original strength of the mineral matter. They offer an ambitious dialogue between form and formlessness, between reality and illusion, without ever departing from a quest for an unobservable world. Even more, they commit to rethinking the architecture of the sensory world.

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